360 assessment and feedback


The 360 assessment and feedback method provides individuals with a comprehensive and systematically measured picture of how their own actions appear to others – what is positive and what could be improved. A 360 assessment gathers feedback on an individual's performance from colleagues, employees, managers, customers or other possible cooperation partners - 360° around the person being evaluated. In addition, a 360 assessment is a reliable way to gain information about one's own strengths and development need

A 360 assessment can be used for example:

  • as part of management training or development
  • to improve or maintain occupational wellness
  • to measure development in work overall or in a specific task

Those being evaluated are not provided with specific individuals' answers. The service's privacy ensures that a sufficient number of answers will be received and that results will be reliable. For companies that want to standardise development measures, the 360 assessment and feedback method offers a straightforward, streamlined process as well as a personalised development approach that provides concrete benefits for all employees.

Feedback is reviewed with a psychology consultant, who helps customers understand the results of the survey and turn them into a concrete action plan to support personal development.

Cresco's 360 measurement method emphasises a psychological viewpoint about the most important personal factors related to success at work. The support of a psychology consultant in drawing up a development plan and turning feedback into actions is important when a change is truly desired. Expertise particularly in organisation and occupational psychology is well-suited for personal development. It combines knowledge of dependencies in the business world with an understanding of how individuals perform best in a given environment, as well as how they can adapt their approaches and build success based on their own strengths and goals.


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360 assessment is a reliable way to gain information about one's own strengths and development needs