The goal of coaching is to help individual customers realise their full personal potential while at the same time helping the entire organisation succeed. Coaching focuses on important subject areas or development targets to support employees' wellness and success. Cresco Psychologist Agency's coaching combines a diverse understanding of working life with extensive expertise about how individuals can achieve necessary changes. Coaching meetings are designed around subject areas defined in advance, which are addressed with the help of an expert, experienced coach.

Coaching can be used to:

  • effectively grow in one's own job
  • support a manager in a demanding or specific employment situation
  • delve deeper into the personal situation of the person being coached

Coaching helps customers gain a more in-depth understanding of their own behavioural operating models, identify those models that do not support achieving their goals and replace them with more constructive models. Coaching helps the customer clarify thinking and actions and plan operating strategies. Coaching also supports good decision-making, learning and personal development. Coaching gives customers tools for developing in their own roles as well as added motivation to achieve their goals.

Coaching can be done either individually or, if participants' goals are sufficiently similar, in a small group. Management and leadership coaching is often best realised in part as small-group coaching. Peer support facilitates addressing common, challenging, situations related to leadership development and sharing thoughts and possible solutions.


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Coaching supports good decision-making, learning and personal development