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Cresco offers expert psychological support for collaboratively addressing various challenging situations, for example changes and terminations. Service content is tailored to meet the special requirements of the situation. It can be for example coaching-style support for individuals, team coaching or assessment of the work community through a survey or in-depth interviews and discussions of the results.

Cresco's expert psychological services during changes and terminations:

  • support the company's employer image when faced with terminations, and help the work community retain its operational ability during changes
  • help to minimise the negative effects of terminations, both on the work community and on the personnel being terminated
  • help terminated employees recover and progress in their own careers after termination

In termination situations, both HR consultation and support for terminated employees are utilised. Consultation focuses on communication about terminations and on supporting employees who lose their jobs. The goal of support services is to offer information about psychological reactions that arise from terminations or temporary layoffs, support personal in coping with the situation and offer career guidance for the future. The support service can include communications, training for managers and personnel as well as personal support discussions.


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Expert psychological support helps the work community retain its operating ability during changes