management and leadership coaching

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Management coaching aims to clarify management procedures and facilitate better awareness of how to capitalise on one's own leadership role. Clear leadership helps employees perform in a way that is more appropriate for meeting the company's goals.

Management and leadership coaching can be used for example to:

  • improve or maintain the occupational wellness of managers and other personnel
  • facilitate networking among managers within the organisation
  • standardise managers' work
  • address specific areas of development, for example based on the results of personnel surveys

Management and leadership coaching begins with broadening self-knowledge. The goal of coaching is to first help individuals understand their own management style, its strengths and its weaknesses. Targeted development goals are then planned based on that information.

Leadership coaching has benefits in all phases of a manager's career. Individual and group coaching for new managers focus on developing knowledge about basic management skills and leadership techniques. Coaching for more experienced managers is designed to provide answers related to specific issues that are timely for the customer. Problems in management work are often caused not by a lack of information, but by the inability to utilise it. In these cases, individual and small-group coaching provide support.

Cresco's management training is always tailored for the organisation's specific needs. We always take into account its current situation, special characteristics, values and operating methods.


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Management coaching provides support for what is often hardest to achieve – turning information into action