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A well-functioning management group is a requisite for a company's success, but an effective group is not formed on its own. Members of management groups often also need time for their own personal development. Management groups require care and renewal.

Management group development programmes:

  • facilitate smooth functioning of management groups and help them realise their full potential
  • help to create a new or reshaped basis for the group
  • create a positive work culture
  • support management groups in specific problem situations

Management group development programmes are beneficial particular when the group is new, or if there have been changes in its organisation. Changes in operating environments can also present new challenges for management groups. A group's operations can sometimes become stuck in old ways, which is a good time to make use of development programmes.

Management group development programmes are designed specifically for needs that are timely for the group. Themes typically include increasing the group members' self-knowledge, development of interaction and emotional skills as well as coping with change. Development programmes are closely linked to work in practice, for example through actual cases and by applying learned skills to daily work straight away. Cresco's own psychological tools are also utilised in coaching.

Cresco's coaches have strong expertise in psychology and the business world, as well as extensive experience with management coaching.


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Management groups need care and renewal