suitability assessment

Suitability assessments provide occupational psychology information about applicants to support recruiting decisions. Suitability assessments aim to minimise risks in recruiting; the cost of recruiting mistakes is often unreasonably high for the company. A professionally conducted suitability assessment as part of the recruiting process also supports use of the employee's full potential starting on the very first day at work.


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Suitability assessment:

  • ensures equal treatment of all applicants
  • provides more in-depth information about the applicant during the recruiting interview
  • provides information about the applicant's performance through test situations
  • provides a professional second opinion about the applicant's most important competencies
  • makes orientation of a new employee more effective – strengths and areas of development are identified even before work is started


Comprehensive and tailored suitability assessment

The suitability assessment process is designed in collaboration with the customer to provide relevant information about applicants with regard to a specific job. Suitability assessment tests always utilise a number of different methods, for example psychological skill tests, personality and motivation measurements, occupational psychology interviews and group work.

A suitability assessment report is written based on the material gathered about applicants and includes a clear recommendation about suitability and projected success in the job. This is helpful in comparing top candidates when making a recruiting decision. A follow-up discussion with the psychology consultant helps managers with decision making and clarifies broader effects of recruiting in the organisation. 


Suitability assessment helps also with onboarding

A suitability assessment also provides important information for the recruiting manager about how best to quickly make use of the candidate's strengths. A suitability assessment that represents the company's style and supports personal development of applicants is an important factor in distinguishing between competitors and supporting an employer's image. Conversely, a suitability assessment also helps the candidate understand the requirements of the job. In addition, applicants gain important information about their strengths as well as areas that need to be developed for their own success.


Top quality suitability assessments

All our consultants who conduct suitability assessments are licensed psychologists with extensive experience in performing assessments. Cresco Psychologist Agency's own method development is top notch. The quality of the methods we use is constantly monitored, and we regularly conduct validation studies of our methods with the University of Helsinki's Faculty of Behavioural Sciences. In addition, we develop our methods in collaboration with the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.


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 A new employee's skills can be quickly put to use based on a professionally realised assessment.