Recruiting and Interview Coaching

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Cresco's recruiting and interview coaching aims to better prepare customer's personnel for recruiting and interviewing. A systematic recruiting process also creates a good employer image, both within the organisation and outside it. Training enables conceptualising a clear, overall picture of the recruiting process in which the interview plays an important part.

Benefits of recruiting and interview coaching:

  • quality and validity of recruiting decisions increase when interviewers are well trained
  • recruiting processes that follow the law and good practices ensure equality in the treatment of applicants
  • coaching teaches an effective and systematic way to conduct interviews
  • the organisation's values are made clear to the applicant during the recruiting process
  • coaching standardises the level of managers' interviewing skills – even experienced recruiters benefit from gaining a new perspective, for example about interview techniques and drawing conclusions

Customers often want to focus on interview techniques and how to conduct interviews professionally. Interview coaching teaches recruiters how best to bring out what is most relevant in the applicant, how to interpret verbal and non-verbal cues and how to balance intuitive and analytical information. In addition, interview coaching explains how to present the interview in a positive way and make it a coaching experience for the applicant, as well.

Cresco Psychologist Agency offers occupational psychology coaching in all phases of the recruiting process: determining recruiting needs, handling applications, preparing for the interview and providing support at the interview and during the final decision-making process.

All of Cresco's recruiting and interview coaching programmes are tailored for the customer's special needs. Coaching is led by Cresco's experienced psychology consultants, who have years of experience in training and psychological personnel assessment. 


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Cresco Psychologist Agency offers occupational psychology coaching in all phases of the recruiting process