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Many companies develop uniform practices for recruiting to standardise the hiring process in different areas and ensure equality in the treatment of applicants. Standardised recruiting procedures, particularly uniform practices in personnel assessments, ensure realisation of the company's strategic policies in hiring at all company locations.

A recruiting process tailored for a company also supports a good employer image. Applicants also gain an understanding early on of the company's values, operating environment and characteristics required of employees.

And organisation's uniform recruiting procedure:

  • ensures professionalism and quality in recruiting
  • ensures equality in the treatment of applicants
  • offers an occupational psychology viewpoint in recruiting
  • creates a smooth process for applicants – privacy, expedience and proper communication about the progress of the process

To support recruiting practices, Cresco Psychologist Agency develops not only individual methods but also overall, comprehensive assessment concepts. Our work simulations, which reflect the company's operations and culture, enable us to glean further information about specific characteristics relevant to success at the company. Our concept ensures that assessments measure the characteristics that are most important for success. The content of the concept can be to a large extent adapted to the company's environment and business operations. 


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An assessment concept tailored for a company supports a good employer image